Our Products

Our Products and Services are Widespread

GALA CHEMICAL leads the industry into Importing & Exporting of miscellaneous Chemicals like, Organic, Inorganic, Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients (API), Chemical reagents, Chemical ingredients, Catalyst, & all types of Solvents, Job work of Chemical Processing & Dealing in all kind of chemicals and related products.

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Industries We are Bound to Supply

Personal Care

We are bound to provide our supply to Pharma Industries, Personal Care and Home Care Departments.

paint induestirs

Paint Industries

Our Supply chain will also provide materials to paints, coatings, inks and resins Industries.

fertilizer induestirs

Fertilizer Industries

We are bound to provide our supply to Fertilizer Industries which is agro chemical industries



Adhesives, Sealants and Products related to infrasructure comes unders Service type


Textile Industries

One of the biggest market we are targeting with having some potential customers


Plastic Industries

All Plastic industries and other related materials comes unders this product category

List of major products that we deal in
Product Name HS Code
Sodium hydrogen carbonate 283630
Hydrochloric acid (HCL) 280610
Caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) 28151200
Sodium carbonate 28362010
Acetic acid 29152100
Zinc powder 7903
Sodium nitrite 28341010
Ethyl acetate 29153100
Bromine 28013020

You can always contact us for more information regarding this or anything new which is not in the list.